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Dr. Michael Manginelli, a New Jersey-based Chiropractor, has given special attention over the course of his 20-year career to the Chiropractic care of the Police Officers, State Troopers, Firefighters, and Emergency Medical Services of his local community. He is an active member of multiple organizations that merge his medical expertise with his commitment to public service. One such organization is the 200 Club of Morris County, where members such as Dr. Manginelli raise funds for spouses and dependents of Police, Fire, and First Aid Squad Members in Morris County who lost their lives in the line of duty. Through programs such as scholarship aid, spousal and dependent benefits, and valor and meritorious awards, the 200 Club has raised millions of dollars to help the families of fallen public service officers.

In his past position as the Founder and Director of the Center for Chiropractic, Medical, and Physical Therapy Care, Dr. Manginelli and his staff provided specialized care for Firefighters, Police Officers, State Troopers, and Emergency Medical Service Personnel who had been injured in the course of performing their duties. The comprehensive center provided multi-disciplinary care for its patients, offering Medical and Chiropractic services in one location to allow for maximum effectiveness of treatment.

Dr. Michael Manginelli has also worked with the Essex County Police Academy as a Special Medical Consultant and Academy Instructor. In his position, he developed a physical training course for Police Academy Instructors to teach wellness and injury prevention to students. Dr. Manginelli’s goal was to reduce injuries incurred by police officers and was recognized for his exemplary service by the New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety.

In addition to being a Health Care Provider and Police Educator, Dr. Michael Manginelli is also an active participant in his local community. He is a member of a number of community and professional organizations, including the Knights of Columbus, the professional honor fraternity Delta Delta Pi, and the Free and Accepted Masons, as well as Elks Club, and the Kentucky Colonials. He has had numerous Gubernatorial Appointments to various committees such as The NJ Pain Management Policy Advisory Board, The World Cup Soccer Host Committee, The Essex County Planning Board, and the Governors Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. He recently became an Ordained Minister and hopes to become a Chaplain for the Law Enforcement and Fire Fighting Sectors.

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